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Spring Family Photo Session in Roswell, Ga

I don't know about y'all, but I'm finding as I get older that there are so many different ways to spend holidays — and they're all equally exciting and fulfilling.

I've learned that some of my favorite ways to spend holidays are low-key celebrations with my family, or capturing moments of others' celebrations. If you know me on a personal level, you know that I don't have a large family. I have a pretty extensive group of people I consider family, but as far as people who I'd typically sit down and share a meal with on a holiday, I've really got less than a handful.

So in the past few years I've started a few new traditions. On Christmas, my mom and I pick a cuisine and make a themed dinner to celebrate the occasion. So far, we've had a Louisiana Creole Christmas, an Italian Christmas and a Thai Christmas. My favorite to date is Thai 😋

So following in my non-traditional celebration of holidays, I didn't spend Easter in church, at an egg hunt or at brunch. I spent it meeting a sweet family at a local park in Roswell, Georgia and capturing memories I hope they'll cherish for years and years to come.

To protect their privacy, I won't name the family, but I will say that I was extremely excited about this shoot because it was my second time photographing this family. The first time I had a session with them, mom was expecting baby number two. And when I say expecting, I mean any day now. She was gorgeous and casual for our shoot in Brookhaven, smiling and playing with her son. Dad was ready with jokes and laughs. Check out some shots from our first session, more than a year ago, below!

For this spring's shoot, I got to meet baby number two! Also a boy. Also handsome as could be!

We met at the park and immediately set off on foot to get some shots. Our shoot time was mid-afternoon, which offers harsh, direct sunlight in summery Metro Atlanta. (It's a shame golden hour doesn't match up well with children's sleep schedules, right?!)

We spent most of our time under a gorgeous, rustic covered bridge. The tunnel effect of the bridge created gorgeous natural light at its opening, allowing me to capture some beautiful, vivid candids of the boys. I've learned through shooting with families that it's best to let the kids do their thing and capture them organically. I'm not one for overly posed portraits anyway, but this can sometimes prove exceptionally spontaneous and surprising. You really never know what you're going to get. But we got some GREAT shots of these two cuties!

In addition to the great solo/duo shots of the boys, we also got some great family photos in this light. I especially love the photo of mom and her babies. The way her older son is holding her melts my heart!

After I was confident we had some shots they'd love on the bridge, we were on the move again! We walked down the gravel path, along a tiny creek, toward a wooded area that would provide some much-needed shade. We took a few photos along the way that, if I'm being honest, were more forgiving than I expected given our lighting situation.

Once we were back in the shade, I was able to capture some really organic shots of the boys behaving as they would if a photographer weren't there to chronicle their tiny footsteps. This part of the park almost felt like walking through a vineyard. The shade and warm lighting turned out beautifully.

For an added bonus, we ran into a few adorable pups along this part of the trail. Both boys were excited about the dogs, but the younger boy was particularly thrilled. He chased/teetered and pointed after one, which was fun to capture.

I also captured some fun, lighthearted moments. Like dad dipping mom, which I believe is reminiscent of their wedding photos, and the older boy finding a very intriguing piece of mulch he wanted to share with me.

I'm so thankful this beautiful family has entrusted me with capturing their precious moments not once, but twice now. In a perfect world, I'd love to continue telling these little boys' stories for years. Can't you just see them now, in graduation caps?! 😊

If you've read this far, you're a saint.

Enjoy the photos and the rest of your day xx. — Amber

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